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What does a session look like?

Most sessions begin with an interview which will generally last between five and fifteen minutes. I place a heavy emphasis on palpation to determine the course of treatment. This involves gently feeling the pulse at the wrists, the channels in the arms and legs, and any regions on the abdomen or back that may be appropriate for a given condition.


In treatment I often mix bodywork and acupuncture together, the two techniques integrated to allow for dynamic response to a patient's condition. Most acupuncture treatments use fewer than five needles, my teachers place far more importance on the quality of each needling than the quantity of needles. Many of my patients prefer one or the other, and I am always happy to tailor my methods to the needs of the person.

Depending on the specific condition, I may teach a few simple qigong exercises as homework. These exercises will often greatly improve a person's outcomes and quality of life, shortening treatment plans and reducing the number of visits required. For certain diseases, herbal formulas are appropriate. These come in the form either of raw herbs that must be boiled in water, or a powder or pills for easier consumption.

Each patient and condition requires a different approach and emphasis, and a given treatment may include one, two, or all three techniques. Most treatments last about 45 minutes, and most patients see me every other week at the start.

What do you treat?

Historically, acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, and qigong have been used to treat many diseases. In fact, these were the primary medicines for a complex, advanced civilization for over two thousand years. We are lucky to draw upon the wisdom and insight of these centuries of highly skilled doctors in treating patients in the clinic.

Because of my unique approach to bodywork and acupuncture my practice is particularly appropriate for complex and chronic cases, people with a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms, and stubborn diseases that have resisted more standard approaches.

I have particular specialties in sports and orthopedic medicine, hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, digestive disorders, chronic pain, menstrual complaints, and fatigue. I have also helped patients with stroke recovery, addiction recovery, thoracic outlet syndrome, prolapse, preparation and recovery from surgery, and many other problems.

How should I prepare for a treatment?

Please come as well rested as you can and not hungry -- even though the treatment is mostly laying down it is still a lot of work for your body! Wear clothes that are comfortable, easy to move in, and can roll up past your elbows and knees. Please do not wear heavy scents, soaps, or perfumes, many of my patients are quite sensitive and some are allergic to common essential oils.

What does it cost?

Treatments are $125 per session.

How do I book a treatment?

To book an appointment online, tap the 'Book Appointment' button above. Or, send an email to, or fill out the contact form on the front page.

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